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Lancaster University Public Lecture Series

Experience the cutting edge of teaching and research with talk by experts

Lancaster University Public Lectures Series

Experience the cutting edge of teaching and research with talks by experts from Lancaster University and around the world.

Thank you for attending the 2020-2021 Public Lecture series, our first fully online Public Lecture Series! As we embraced the world of virtual events, we have been very grateful for your support and for taking the time to share your feedback in our surveys.

We are now working on the 2021-2022 series and plan to offer you a blended approach of fully online and hybrid lectures from experts from Lancaster and beyond. So stay tuned for more information!

If you missed any of the 2020-2021 series ‘Talking about’ lectures, or would like to watch any of them again, please scroll down to the “Watch the videos of our past lectures” section.

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Watch the videos of our past lectures

We are delighted to make these videos available for later viewings or for your own use. If you use these in your work or research, we would be grateful if you would credit the University and/or the speakers. Thank you.

Talking about spaces and places

The pandemic has made us re-think our relationship with space: How we can safely re-open spaces as we move out of lockdown? How can urban farming, including use of our own spaces, lead to healthier and more sustainable lives? How can we balance architectural innovation with human use? In this lecture, a panel of experts explore this changing relationship as well as the legacy of Covid-19 on the design, planning and use of social spaces.

Talking about the health and wellbeing of vulnerable citizens

Three experts from Lancaster University's Faculty of Health and Medicine discuss the impact of the pandemic and successive lockdowns on the health and wellbeing of frailer citizens, what lessons have been learned, and how best practice can be adopted in the future.

Talking about resilience in life and work

In this lecture, a panel of academic and business experts explores the concepts of resilience and cooperation and illustrate how, in difficult times, creativity, agility and a willingness to collaborate can transcend cultural and organisational constraints and catapult a community into action.

Talking about children and education

What is school for? Are we saving ourselves at young people's expense? This lecture explores how the pandemic has led many to revisit the role and purpose of schools, revealed the challenges and opportunities of online learning and called for new policies to limit the loss of education for the current generation.

Talking about new perspectives on the NHS

How has the NHS changed in 2020, both in how it operates and how we talk about it? In this lecture, we explore how the covid-19 pandemic has affected the oncology workforce and their wellbeing, its hidden impact on child health, and how the NHS has emerged from it as a ‘quasi-religion’.

Talking about crime in the 'new world'

While most of the society struggled to adjust to lockdown life, how did others found it easier to adapt and respond to the new challenges faced within Criminal Justice and the Security sector and demonstrated quick, innovative action to very different issues posed by the pandemic?

Talking about public health, choices and inequalities

How has the pandemic impacted volunteering in palliative care and brought forward the concept of advance care planning? To what extend has Covid-19 highlighted the systemic issues that exist around access to nutritious, healthy food for a significant proportion of the UK population?

Talking about lockdown language

A battle, a tsunami or a raging fire... How are metaphors used to talk about Covid-19 and why should they be used sensitively? How has disinformation adapted to the pandemic and how do policymakers and educators develop strategies to stop the spread of falsehoods online?