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The International Masters Programme for Managers (IMPM) breaks the mould to create world-class executives who can lead their business in a complex and disruptive global context. Today’s senior managers must be astute negotiators, creative problem solvers, discern business trends, act entrepreneurially, and more. Iconic management thinker Henry Mintzberg founded the programme over 20 years ago to help managers think differently, develop their purpose and act wisely. The IMPM helps accomplished executives realise their personal and professional leadership and career potential, enrich and extend their outlook, and achieve maximum business impact.

The programme also goes beyond conventional management approaches to leverage the collective wisdom of diverse participants so that they become co-creators of knowledge with peers and faculty. Throughout the programme, you integrate personal, professional and organizational transformation for wider business impact. With fellow participants, you focus on combining your significant experience with the ability to reflect turning your experience into new mindsets.

Programme Design

Authentically international, this advanced management program is designed around management mindsets and business challenges. The programme is taught by 75 international faculty from five leading global business schools worldwide with five 1½ week mindset modules over 18 months. You will gain breakthrough perspectives and develop enriched capabilities to engage with the uncertainty and dynamism that accompanies senior management positions.

Our Participants

Our participants come from a range of sectors such as engineering, finance, manufacturing, media, telecoms and transport. The IMPM programme is designed to encourage sharing experiences and insights with peers so our participants are typically 35-55 years of age. After graduation, you can continue to learn and develop your professional network by returning to the program as an alumni participant.

Course Modules

You will study organisations, self, relationships, change and context at McGill University (Canada), Lancaster University (UK) , Yokohama National University (Japan), FGV EBAPE (Brazil), and the Institute of Management Bangalore (India). You can complete a Masters degree at Lancaster or McGill University in 6 months.

Tab Content: Lancaster

Module One - Managing Self: The Reflective Mindset

Lancaster University Management School

Senior management development needs to incorporate individuals’ experience and develop the capability to learn from cycles of experience and refection. In the frst module, the program seeks to expand horizons and perspectives, turning personal, professional and business experience into new practices of thinking and acting. Lancaster and the Lake District in north western England, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, is the perfect setting for thoughtful refection on your personal trajectory, role as a senior manager and the business context of your organization.

Faculty sessions include the nature of refective and engaging management, action inquiry, the art, craf and science of management practice, virtue ethics and responsibility, and business as practical wisdom. Faculty workshops at an historic cotton mill bring alive the role of business models over the long wave of commerce, practicing a deliberative corporate business meeting demonstrates group decision making, and walking in the footsteps of poet William Wordsworth evokes the importance of vision, community and place for creativity and insight in management. Exploring cycles of personal and professional experience, refection and insight for engaged managing, participants also visit a range of companies to undertake a refective analysis and learn about managerial values, responsibility and ethics.

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Tab Content: Montreal

Module Two - Managing Organisations: The Analytic Mindset‌

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada

Understanding the role and value of analysis in organizations is a vital capability for senior executives. McGill, one of the world’s top universities, hosts the Analytic Mindset in Montreal, one of North America’s most dynamic and engaging cities. Faculty sessions focus on the role of evidence and experience in business and management, examining how decisions are made and negotiations take place, fnancial management and business valuation, emerging innovations in artifcial intelligence and global cross-cultural awareness.

The Analytic Mindset provides techniques for analysing organizations and equips participants with a deep knowledge of diferent management concepts in relation to strategic thinking. Analysing evidence and experience in strategic thinking and in organizations, workshops on eco-cycle management and the theory of constraints expand analysis beyond function to fusion. Along with taught sessions, visits to companies create a unique learning community of participants, dedicated to exploring management mindsets, analytical judgement and impact.

Tab Content: Yokohama

Module Three - Managing Relationships: The Collaborative Mindset ‌‌

Yokohama National University, Japan

Relationships are at the centre of successful managerial practice as organizations accomplish purpose and goals in groups, cross-functional teams and with other organizations. Iconic managers and organizations build relationships and learn through others. The third module, the Collaborative Mindset, is provided by Yokohama National University. Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city, was one of the frst ports in Japan which opened to foreign trade. Drawing on a wealth of management expertise in Japan and East Asia, the module focuses on managing relationships between individuals, within teams and across businesses, with strategic alliances, joint ventures and supply chains.

Participants learn about world-famous contributions to management thinking such as knowledge creation, wisdom and kaizen in relation to collaboration. Workshops on cross-sector collaboration as well as insights into relationships with nature and new technologies connect to contemporary innovations in robotics and machine learning. Visiting organizations in the private, public and plural sector sharpens insights into collaboration within and between organizations and across sectors.

Tab Content: Rio de Janeiro

Module Four - Managing Change: The Action Mindset


The Action Mindset expands assumptions, frameworks and perspectives on personal, professional, organizational and societal change and continuity. In Rio de Janeiro, at Brazil’s renowned FGV-EBAPE, the focus is on catalytic change and how business and global dynamics interact with management and organizational action. To develop an advanced and incisive perspective on managerial action, there are sessions on change management, processual perspectives on change and continuity, managing hierarchies for action, governance and knowledge for action across businesses and societal contexts.

Visits to companies and public sector enterprises, a school for youth development and workshops on diversity and gender, refresh and extend the scope for managerial and organizational action. Enriching concepts and understanding of change and continuity, the module also focuses on learning innovative practices of management and organizational action, with advanced action inquiry techniques such as Friendly Consulting and In-Reach for organizational action learning and impact.

Tab Content: Bangalore

Module Five - Managing Context: The Worldly Mindset

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore

The final module capstones the cycles of learning from experience and refection while continuing to broaden contemporary business expertise and management judgment. Enhancing strategic insight and capabilities for worldly action and impact culminates with the Worldly Mindset at the IIM Bangalore. India is the ideal environment to learn about other people’s mindsets in order to better understand our own and to learn to act in entrepreneurial and worldly ways. Creating worldly managers, leaders and organizations for the future, faculty sessions focus on political dynamics in diverse settings, non-market strategic management, bottom of the pyramid markets, the role of religious and societal values in business, frugal innovation and inclusive market development, managing sustainably and digitalisation, and sustaining business growth.

To cultivate a worldly mindset, participants visit companies focused on technology consulting, digital business, medical innovation and social entrepreneurship to integrate insights from all modules. Field study visits to a micro fnance institution and to an orchard farm connects learning from nature to network business models and digital platforms. The diversity of the faculty sessions throughout this and other modules, combined with the unique program design, makes for a rich and highly developmental experience which transforms participants and prepares them for senior and wider roles in business and society.


The Benefits

The true value of the IMPM programme is best described by members of our extensive alumni network of over 500 members who, since completing the programme, have applied their knowledge within their own organisations and discovered a new perspective on their approaches to life and work.

Why choose the IMPM?

IMPM graduate Damiano explains his motivation for choosing the International Masters Program for Managers, and what he enjoyed most about his studies.


Lancaster University Management School is pleased to offer significant scholarship funding to our most talented and highest potential applicants for the IMPM. A range of scholarships are available and all candidates are automatically considered for all scholarship schemes for which they meet the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

The scholarships are offered to applicants who apply to and accept an offer for the IMPM and Masters Degree at Lancaster University Management School.

A number of scholarships of US$9,000 / £6400 are available as follows:


Women in Leadership Scholarship

These scholarships are aimed at supporting women to achieve greater representation in leadership at a senior level. Selection is based on interview.

Lancaster Alumni Scholarships

These scholarships recognise the value we place on our links with Lancaster graduates. These scholarships are aimed at our Alumni, wherever they may be in the world, to develop in leadership at a senior level. Selection is based on interview and confirmation of previous graduation from Lancaster University.

Business Leaders in Britain

These scholarships are aimed at supporting British citizens and residents to develop in leadership at a senior level. Selection is based on interview and confirmation of UK residency. 

Business Leaders in Europe, Middle East and Africa

This scholarship is aimed at supporting residents of the Middle East and African nations to develop in leadership at a senior level. Selection is based on interview and confirmation of EMEA residency.

Selection Process

These scholarships are awarded on a case by-case basis by interview to applicants who can demonstrate both depth and breadth of work experience as well as academic excellence and high potential for senior leadership roles.

Terms and Conditions

The scholarships are offered to applicants who apply to and accept an offer for the IMPM and Masters degree at Lancaster University Management School.

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