Eleanor Vaughan

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

I am a second year PhD student currently studying coral reef ecology at Lancaster Environment Centre. My research interests are focused on the responses of coral reef ecosystems to multiple local and global anthropogenic drivers over a range of biological, spatial and temporal scales, as this provides a more holistic understanding of how natural biophysical relationships and biogeochemical dynamics can be altered by external impacts. Through my undergraduate and Masters degrees at Plymouth University, and internships at the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology, the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Israel, and the Zoological Society of London, I have previously studied the molecular, biochemical and physiological responses of marine invertebrates (primarily reef-building corals) to the effects of both global and local stressors. I also investigate how these responses at the individual level (measured through empirical studies) can be scaled up to gain a more mechanistic and ecological understanding of how these often synergistic drivers influence ecosystems at the population and community level. These include shifts in species interactions, community dynamics, ecosystem functioning, and biogeographic ranges.

  • Sustainable Catchments