Dr Dmitry Yumashev

Senior Research Associate


Dmitry Yumashev has been researching in a wide range of applied areas such as Fluid Mechanics, Aeroacoustics, Financial Mathematics, Applied Economics, Emergency Management, Climate and Arctic Science and Integrated Assessment Modelling, gaining experience in Russia, the UK, and in the Netherlands.

He completed his PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester and subsequently took a career break to complete an MA in Voice and Opera (RNCM). He then worked as a research associate at the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, participating in several applied research and consultancy projects: Revenue Management of Airport Carparks, Broadband Hydroacoustics Research and Management of Nuclear Risk Issues (NREFS), working with multiple academic partners, industry and government stakeholders and regulators along the way. Whilst at the University of Manchester, Dmitry was also a guest lecturer in Financial Mathematics for two terms, teaching undergraduate courses based on the material from the CT1 Actuarial Qualification Exam, and assisted with the 2014 REF Impact Case Study submission exercise.

Dmitry subsequently moved to Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, to take a post-doctoral position in integrated assessment modelling for the EU FP7 ICE-ARC project which focuses on investigating regional and global impacts of the climate change in the Arctic. Most recently, his research group in Rotterdam relocated to Lancaster University where he is now a senior research associate. He works in the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business with Professor Gail Whiteman and multiple project partners from the UK (University of Cambridge, BAS), Germany (AWI, OASYS), Netherlands (ECORYS, VU Amsterdam), France (UPMC) and the US (University Alaska Fairbanks), and is coordinating a wide range of R&D activities in the fields of Arctic science, the economics of climate change and integrated assessment modelling of climate policy.

Economically optimal strategies for medium-term recovery after a major nuclear reactor accident
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Journal article

Flexible decision making in the wake of large scale nuclear emergencies: long-term response
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Journal article

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Journal article

Is the Arctic an economic time bomb?: integrated assessment models can help answer this question
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Conference paper

Is the Arctic an economic time bomb?: the role of intergrated assessment models
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Conference contribution

Continuous-time revenue management in carparks
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Conference paper

Viscous-inviscid interaction in a transonic flow caused by a discontinuity in wall curvature
Yumashev, D. 02/2010
Doctoral Thesis

Электродинамика Атмосферы
Yumashev, D. 01/2006 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. 126 p.

Theoretical analysis of acoustic instability of a hypersonic shock layer on a porous wall
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Journal article

Theoretical Analysis of Acoustic Instability in Hypersonic Shock Layer over a Porous Wall
Yumashev, D. 07/2004 In: 34th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit.

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