Dr Ronika Chakrabarti

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research interests lie within two (non-mutually exclusive) areas:

(i.) Bottom of the pyramid (BoP)/subsistence markets

Situated within my theoretical interest on market creation in informal economies, I am deeply interested how markets are being shaped in complex ecosystems at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)/ Subsistence Markets. Recent work has highlighted the need to rethink assumptions that to make markets work for the poor, sharper borders between formal and informal economies needs to exist (Araujo, 2013). With regard to developing a BoP research agenda I seek to contribute to understanding of (i) how BoP markets are being designed and created. I am particularly interested in how market making practices fostered by multiple agencies are informing public policy and how impact can be understood from calculative interventions that are being performed in BoP markets.

(ii.) Network Dynamics in Business-to-Business marketing

My research attempts to study a) how network dynamics are being shaped by change and b) avenues for inclusive sustainability in B2B networks are being framed. In terms of network dynamics, I am seeking to make sense of how inter-organizational interactions in unstable networks are leading to ambiguity and vagueness regarding actor’s role, resulting in the adoption of normalization practices between actors. I am interesting to explore how actors are forced to develop new mechanisms to deal with the underlying uncertainty (e.g. find ways to assess new partners in a short time periods) and study how events emerge and develop over time and in a specific context within business networks.

I am also working in the area of 'Sustainability and Business Markets' to explore how sustainable practices by organizations, networks and markets cannot be performed by focal companies alone but instead by multiple actors and interactions over time. In this work I question how regulating bodies and the rise of NGOs and associations are co-governing and monitoring sustainability interests in business networks.

Selected Publications Show all 39 publications

Network dynamics in the UK pharmaceutical network: a network-as-practice perspective
Chakrabarti, R., Ramos, C., Henneberg, S. 04/2013 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 42, 3, p. 356-371. 16 p.
Journal article

Brand worlds from articulation to integration
Berthon, P.R., Pitt, L.F., Chakrabarti, R., Berthon, J.P. 2011 In: Journal of Advertising Research. 51, 1, p. 182-194. 13 p.
Journal article

When outsourcing fragments: customer creativity and Technological Transmutations
Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P.R., Pitt, L.F., Chakrabarti, R. 2013 In: Production Planning and Control. 24, 4-5, p. 284-293. 10 p.
Journal article