Dr Ronika Chakrabarti


Research Overview

I am interested in the following research areas:

- The role of Dynamics in Network Change

- Market Making Practices and how Marketplaces are Organised

Research interests here lie within how markets are being shaped in extreme contexts at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) / Subsistence Markets. With regard to developing a BoP agenda I seek to generate insights into, a) how BoP markets are constituted in practice b) how practices can better create and formulate BoP markets and c) how impact can be assessed and measured from calculative interventions in BoP markets. This research is linked to a larger scale project on the making and management of markets in degraded coastal islandscapes which seeks to have impact by potentially influencing policy development in relation to economic, social and environmental planning.

- Branding and the role of technology in marketing are of further interest.

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Indian perspective
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