Dr Swarnodeep Homroy


Research Overview

Applied Microeconomics, Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance, Economics of Immigration and Crime, Econophysics

Are CEOs replaced for poor performance?: effects of governance and takeover on CEO turnover
Homroy, S. 2015 In: Scottish Journal of Political Economy.
Journal article

Pay increase may not be a strong incentive for undertaking acquisitions: evidence of survivor bias in post-acquisition CEO pay
Homroy, S. 2014 Lancaster : Lancaster University, Department of Economics, 34 p.
Working paper

The impact of diversity on group and individual performance
Homroy, S., Soo, K.T. 2014 Lancaster : Lancaster University, Department of Economics
Working paper

Was Adam Smith right?: evidence of compensating differential in CEO pay?
Homroy, S. 2014 In: Manchester School. 34 p.
Journal article

Three essays in executive compensation and corporate governance
Homroy, S. 2013 Lancaster University. 187 p.
Doctoral Thesis