Dhanan Utomo

PhD student


I am a PhD student in Management Science Department, Lancaster University Management School. My specialization is in computer modelling and simulation. Previously, I worked in various organisations including as a lecturer in Institut Teknologi Bandung, and as an expert in Indonesian Presidential Office. I took part in many research funded by various international bodies such as The British Council, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD). I also did several consultation projects including for PT Pertamina EP (Oil company), Indonesian Bank (central bank), Indonesian ministry of agriculture and PT TELKOM (Telecommunication company). I received my Masters’ degree in Management Science from Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia), submitting a dissertation on the application of Agent-based simulation for school choice policy. Now I am developing data collection methodologies for agent-based computer simulation. During my PhD, I also undertake teaching role and become a mentor in Math and Stats Help Center.

Applications of agent-based modelling and simulation in the agri-food supply chains
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Journal article

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Deductive and inductive data collection for agent-based modelling: A Comparative Study using a Dairy Supply Chain Case
Utomo, D., Onggo, B.S.S., Eldridge, S. 2016
Conference paper

Achieving Sustainable and Self-Sufficient Food Security in the Indonesian's Beef Industry: Policy Planning and Analysis using Agent Based Modelling
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Conference contribution

Analyzing Co-Creation Process in Cluster Industry using Agent-Based Simulation, Case Study: Cluster Industry Batik Solo
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Journal article

Understanding dynamic behavior of swing voters during election campaign period using agent-based simulation
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Journal article

Agent-Based Simulation of School Choice in Bandung, Indonesia: The Emergence of Enrolment Pattern Trough Individual Preferences
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Journal article

Developing strategic initiatives through Triple Helix interactions: systems modelling for policy development
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Journal article


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