Dr Ishan Jalan


Research Interests

Drawing from a social, critical and a psychoanalytical approach, my research interests mainly explores the following research areas broadly:

  • Emotions & affect in organizations: Various nuances of emotions (their ambiguities, dynamics, mysteries and manifestations). In particular, complex, taboo and hidden emotions (eg: envy, fear, shame, guilt, anxiety); Organizations as emotion spaces: how emotions influence affairs at work and how events at work influence our emotions; Interplay between emotions, individual subjectivities and organizational life (eg: narcissism, fear, fantasy).
  • Leadership & Identity: Drawing from a critical approach, I am particularly interested in exploring the dark side of leadership, Leader dysfunctions & Leader-follower relations (with a focus on gender, culture & non-western perspectives); Leadership and emotions; Self and psychodynamic perspectives on leadership and identity;
  • Psychoanalytic study of organisations: exploring organizational phenomena using concepts such as unconscious & defense mechanisms; applying psychodynamic approaches to group work and organizational consulting; exploring organizational darkness (eg: derision, miasma, toxicity, sabotage).
  • Qualitative methodologies: Storytelling and narrative techniques; free association method; semiotics and symbolism

  • Centre for Leadership Studies & Practice


Quadruple-accredited world-ranked