Dr Lara Pecis

Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Research Overview

My research interests are in the areas of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Innovation and Gender Studies. My work is informed by a number of theoretical perspectives, including sociomaterial and practice-based approaches, agential realism, and post-structural feminism. My most recent research investigates the role of mobile technologies in organizations and their effects on employees’ behaviour and well-being.

Groups and teams at work
Contu, A., Pecis, L. 28/02/2017 In: Introducing organizational behaviour and management. Cengage Learning ISBN: 9781473726642.

Doing and undoing gender in innovation: femininities and masculinities in innovation processes
Pecis, L. 11/2016 In: Human Relations. 69, 11, p. 2117-2140. 24 p.
Journal article

Organizational multi-sited ethnography: challenges and strategies in management research
Pecis, L. 01/2014


Quadruple-accredited world-ranked