Dr Orestis Troumpounis

Senior Lecturer


Orestis Troumpounis obtained a Ph.D in Economics from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in 2011. His published and ongoing research uses game theoretic concepts and aims at understanding how institutions shape individuals’ and parties’ strategies in different (political) contexts. So far he has focused on the analysis of different electoral rules (such as proportional representation and participation quorums), different public funding systems and contest theory. He is also a member of the Lancaster Experimental Economics Laboratory where he has been conducting some experimental work.

Linking individual and collective contests through noise level and sharing rules
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Journal article

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Journal article

Electoral competition with primaries and quality asymmetries
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Working paper

Electoral rule disproportionality and platform polarization
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Turnout and polarization under alternative electoral systems
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Participation quorums in costly meetings
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Journal article

On the distribution of public funding to political parties
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Journal article