Dr Alexander Engau

Senior Lecturer in Operations Research - Management Science

Convergence and polynomiality of primal-dual interior-point algorithms for linear programming with selective addition of inequalities
Engau, A., Anjos, M.F. 12/2017 In: Optimization. 66, 12, p. 2063-2086. 24 p.
Journal article

Proper efficiency and tradeoffs in multiple criteria and stochastic optimization
Engau, A. 2017 In: Mathematics of Operations Research. 42, 1, p. 119-134. 16 p.
Journal article

Continuous multiobjective programming
Wiecek, M.M., Ehrgott, M., Engau, A. 15/05/2016 In: Multiple criteria decision analysis . New York : Springer p. 739-815. 77 p. ISBN: 9781493930937. Electronic ISBN: 9781493930944.

Definition and characterization of Geoffrion proper efficiency for real vector optimization with infinitely many criteria
Engau, A. 05/2015 In: Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. 165, 2, p. 439-457. 19 p.
Journal article

Multicriteria modeling and tradeoff analysis for oil load dispatch and hauling operations at Noble Energy
Engau, A. 03/2015 In: Optimization and Engineering. 16, 1, p. 73-101. 29 p.
Journal article

Some experiences with solving semidefinite programming relaxations of binary quadratic optimization models in computational biology
Engau, A. 27/03/2014 In: Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research. 31, 4, 18 p.
Journal article

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