Dr Chih-Ling Liu


Research Overview

My primary research interests lie in exploring the relationship between self and consumption (e.g., identity projects in Consumer Culture Theory). Specifically, my research focuses on explaining how different selves compete to be heard and enacted within the context of everyday lives, and the symbolic aspects of consumer behaviour. My PhD thesis uses existential phenomenology to explore and understand the underpinnings of  the negotiation process of the self-in-relation, and how everyday, mundane consumption comes into play.

Strategies for managing the relational self: the case of women’s consumption of cosmetics
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 2013
Conference paper

The unspoken truth: a phenomenological study of changes in women's sense of self and the intimate relationship with cosmetics consumption
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 12/2012 In: Research in Consumer Behavior. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd p. 89-107. 19 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Trajectories of the self: a phenomenological study of women’s changing faces reflected in cosmetics consumption
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 2012 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 40, p. 875-876. 2 p.
Journal article