Dr Ishan Jalan


Research Interests


I have long been fascinated by the various nuances of emotions in organizations: their ambiguities, dynamics, mysteries, mechanisms and manifestations, and particularly, how they influence affairs at work, and how events at work influence our emotions. I am equally passionate about exploring the dark side of organizational life (toxicity, sabotage, miasma, organizational decay and power). Drawing from a critical and a psychoanalytical approach, my current research focuses on:


  • The various nuances of emotions at work (particularly complex, proscribed and hidden emotions);
  • Leadership studies (dysfunctions, leader-follower relations, leadership creation);
  • Identity studies (identity construction, self & subjectivity, identity conflict);
  • Psychoanalytic approaches to studying organizational phenomena (unconscious drives, emotion & fantasy, anxiety);
  • Qualitative research methods (metaphors & symbolism, storytelling method, ethnography, free-association approach, hermeneutics).