Dr James Cronin


Research Interests

My principal research interests are in the sociological aspects of consumer behaviour, health and wellbeing. My research explores how social structures shape consumption through their impact on the resources, abilities, and perspectives that people bring to their consumption experiences. I have often looked at food and alcohol as units of analysis for my work. At the individual level, my research deals with patterns of attachment between people and ingestible consumption objects based on the consumer’s structural classification (e.g. gender, obese, non-obese) and with structured variation in the personal meanings of various types of consumption. At the level of the community, my research focuses on the social symbolic, or linking, value of various products and experiences. At the broadest level, my research addresses socially concerning issues such as obesogenic environments or deviant practices through a Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) lens, a research strategy recently branded as part of the Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) movement. In order to explore these theoretical questions appropriately, I have used a wide variety of qualitative research methods including various forms of interview, ethnography, netnography and visual methods.

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Journal article

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Conference paper

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