Dr Peter Jacko


Research Overview

Peter Jacko works at the interface of stochastic operations research and performance evaluation of complex systems and networks. The leading theme of his research activities is modelling and designing tractable and well-performing strategies for efficient use of scarce resources in dynamic and stochastic environments, motivated by real problems arising in business administration such as retail industry and contact centres, and in communications networks such as wireless data networks and the Internet.

His research areas are

  • Stochastic Operations Research, Performance Evaluation, Optimization in Graphs and Networks
  • Resource Allocation in Dynamic and Stochastic Systems, Stochastic Scheduling, Bandit Problems
  • Markov Decision Processes, Lagrangian Relaxation, Dynamic Programming, Index Policies
  • Business Administration: Revenue Management, Financial Risk Management
  • Communications Systems: Wireless Data Networks (3G, 4G LTE), Internet (TCP, ICN)

Modeling D2D communications with LTE and WiFi
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Journal article

An opportunistic and non-anticipating size-aware scheduling proposal for mean holding cost minimization in time-varying channels
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Journal article

Generalized restless bandits and the knapsack problem for perishable inventories
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Journal article

Congestion control of TCP Flows in internet routers by means of index policy
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Journal article

Scheduling of users with markovian time-varying transmission rates
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Optimal anticipative congestion control of flows with time-varying input stream
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Journal article

Optimal congestion control of TCP flows for internet routers
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Journal article

CCN interest forwarding strategy as Multi-Armed Bandit model with delays
Avrachenkov, K., Jacko, P. 2012 In: Network Games, Control and Optimization (NetGCooP), 2012 6th International Conference on. New York : IEEE p. 38-43. 6 p. ISBN: 9781467360265.
Conference contribution

Opportunistic Schedulers for Optimal Scheduling of Flows in Wireless Systems with ARQ Feedback
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Conference contribution

Value of information in optimal flow-level scheduling of users with Markovian time-varying channels
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Journal article

Resource-sharing in a single server with time-varying capacity
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A nearly-optimal index rule for scheduling of users with abandonment
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Optimal index rules for single resource allocation to stochastic dynamic competitors
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A modeling framework for optimizing the flow-level scheduling with time-varying channels
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Journal article

Admission control and routing to parallel queues with delayed information via marginal productivity indices
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Time-constrained restless bandits and the knapsack problem for perishable items (Extended Abstract)
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Journal article

Distance coloring of the hexagonal lattice
Jacko, P., Jendrol', S. 2005 In: Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory. 25, 1-2, p. 151-166. 16 p.
Journal article