Dr Sonali Sen Gupta


Research Overview

I am mainly interested in 'mediation' and 'communication' in games, and how the introduction of a mediator can help achieve 'fairer or equitable' and 'improved' outcomes, as compared to what the economic agents might achieve by acting on their own.

Improving Nash by coarse correlation
Moulin, H., Ray, I., Sen Gupta, S. 03/2014 In: Journal of Economic Theory. 150, p. 852-865. 14 p.
Journal article

Coarse correlated equilibria in an abatement game
Moulin, H., Ray, I., Sen Gupta, S. 2014 Lancaster : Lancaster University, Department of Economics, 17 p.
Working paper

Coarse correlated equilibria in linear duopoly games
Ray, I., Sen Gupta, S. 05/2013 In: International Journal of Game Theory. 42, 2, p. 541-562. 22 p.
Journal article