Dr Swarnodeep Homroy


Research Overview

Labour Economics, Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance, Economics of Immigration and Crime, Econophysics


Are CEOs replaced for poor performance? Effects of governance and takeover on CEO turnover
Homroy, S. 2014 In: Scottish Journal of Political Economy.
Journal article

Controlling for survivor bias in the acquisition premium in CEO pay
Homroy, S. 2014
Conference paper

Three Essays in Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance
Homroy, S. 2013 Lancaster University. 187 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Was Adam Smith right?: evidence of compensating differential in CEO pay?
Homroy, S. 2013 In: Manchester School. 34 p.
Journal article

Are CEOs replaced for poor performance?: Effects of takeovers and governance on CEO turnover
Homroy, S. 2012
Conference paper