Dustin Hosseini

Digital Education Facilitator (Senior Teaching Associate)

My Role

I co-develop technology-enhanced curricula, programmes and modules through developing the knowledge and skills of colleagues within the Management School.

To achieve the above, I provide pedagogic advice, guidance, insight and developmental support through coaching and mentoring colleagues to develop content and activities for both blended and fully online learning experiences.

I regularly source, share and highlight good practices from across the institution and disciplines and draw upon these to develop good practices that can be implemented locally.

For example, this can entail engaging in dialogue with colleagues to consider different approaches and experiences of learning and teaching. This can also include working together to analyse the learning design of the modules that colleagues teach in order to develop short and long-term action plans to implement ideas that colleagues wish to deploy.

I also work with lecturers to help them to identify areas for improvement and/or change within their programmes. Where a colleague desires to try out an approach or idea new to them and/or transform their teaching and how students learn, I help colleagues to understand how the idea or approach can work and be achieved in practice while helping them to identify and implement their aims.

In brief, I work to develop colleagues’ understanding of technology-enhanced learning and teaching practices that are underpinned by pedagogic theories and practices.

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