Paul Ferguson

Associate Lecturer


I am an academic with considerable experience in industry. On leaving University I worked as a strategist in the motor industry but more recently as a consultant to local and international organisations. My experience also comes through the Lancaster ‘problem centric’ assessments we task managers with on our part-time programmes. Currently I am particularly interested in how the interplay between an organisation’s strategy and its Business Model(s) and this forms the core of the Advanced Strategic Thinking Elective offered to the MBA students.Lancaster Leadership Centre at LUMS offers advice to organisations in connection with developing their senior managers. I helped the Human Resource function at British Airways identify the development needs following the formation of the OneWorld alliance. This initiative helped align human resource strategy with that of the Airline as a whole.

Having worked with British Airways, QANTAS, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways I have a profound understanding of the Airline industry.

Organisations: A Strategic Perspective
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