Dr Syed Shah


Current Teaching

MNGT 320 - Rethinking Leadership

MNGT 110 - Introduction to Management & Leadership

Damaged and refractive teaching and learning practices in international developing university contexts
Shah, U., Hodgson, V. 2014 In: Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Networked Learning 2014, 7-9th April, Edinburgh, UK.
Conference contribution

Teachers’ use of learning technology in a South Asian context
Shah, U. 2014 In: The design, experience and practice of networked learning research in networked learning. Berlin : Springer p. 87-105. 19 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

The other side of digital divide and influence on individual practices
Shah, U. 2014
Conference paper

Using Framework of Intentionality in illuminating implications of contextual limitations on educational practices
Shah, U. 2014 In: International Conference on Disciplinary Knowledge and Necessary Conditions of Learning, 2014, 1-3rd September, University of Oxford, UK.

Teachers’ Experiences of using Learning Technology in Pakistan
Shah, U., Hodgson, V., Trehan, K. 2/04/2012 In: Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Network Learning . Maastricht, Netherlands 9 p. Electronic ISBN: 978-1-86220-283-2.
Conference contribution

Damaged teaching experiences in using learning technology; a phenomenographic investigation
Hodgson, V., Shah, U., Trehan, K. 2012 In: The ABS Learning & Teaching Conference, in association with the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Implementing knowledge transfer solution through web-based help desk system
Ariffin, M., Arshad, N., Shaarani, A., Shah, U. 2007 In: Proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT07) 2007, 25-27th May, Austria.
Conference contribution