Dr Tatiana Dia

Lecturer in Strategic Management

Research Overview

After gaining a MSc degree in Organisational and Social Psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK, Tatiana pursued PhD in Strategic Management at Cass Business School, London, UK. Prior to pursuing academic career she worked in management consulting.

Tatiana’s research interests fall into two major areas. Firstly, she is interested in the social construction of business models, particularly, how new business models emerge as market categories. She studies this phenomenon in the context of sharing economy. Secondly, she is interested in business models as tools in strategy and particularly the role they play in strategic cognition.

Strategy Practice Teaching Is Dead: Long Live Strategy Practice Teaching
Angwin, D.N., Sasaki, I., Mikhalkina, T., Friesl, M., Thanos, I., Fahy, K. 2017
Conference paper

Business model innovation: how iconic business models emerge
Mikhalkina, T., Cabantous, L. 2015 In: Business Models and Modelling. Emerald p. 59-95. 37 p. ISBN: 9781785604638. Electronic ISBN: 9781785604621.


Quadruple-accredited world-ranked