Dr Teea Palo


Research Interests

My research looks at business models as devices used by market actors in forming networks and constructing markets. In particular, I am interested in the dynamic, processual, and interactive nature of business models instead of their mere structure. More recently, I have started to look at the role of narratives in networks and markets; the ways in which individuals, groups and organizations develop and use narratives in imagining future markets and shaping the actions of others in constructing those markets. I am also interested in service networks, and have also looked at the implementation of key account management programs within professional service organizations.

In conducting my research, I have worked in multiple applied research consortium projects with companies mainly from the Information Technology sector facilitating their business model and service business development. Currently I am looking at eHealth markets and the development of preventive healthcare services. I am also starting a research project on the study of constructing temporal markets for Christmas in the Northern Finland, Lapland.

Kitchen concerns at the boundary between markets and consumption: agencing practice change in times of scarcity (Husmodern, Sweden 1938–1958)
Stigzelius, I., Araujo, L., Mason, K.J., Murto, R., Palo, T.E.M. 6/01/2018 In: Consumption, Markets and Culture. 47 p.
Journal article

Value co-creation practices and capabilities: sustained purposeful engagement across B2B systems
Marcos-Cuevas, J., Nätti, S., Palo, T.E.M., Baumann, J. 07/2016 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 56, p. 97-107. 11 p.
Journal article

Is your coffee brewed or poised?: a study of system dynamics of market evolution
Koskela-Huotari, K., Nariswari, A., Palo, T.E.M. 8/06/2016
Conference paper

Meet and greet with Santa: the role of narratives and narration in reproducing and performing a ‘sleeping’ market
Palo, T.E.M., Mason, K.J. 8/06/2016
Conference paper

Organizing a meeting with Santa Claus: the role of narratives and narration in constructing a temporary market
Palo, T.E.M. 19/05/2016
Conference paper

An organized effort to shape a nascent eHealth market: actions and artefacts
Palo, T. 22/06/2015
Conference paper

Interactive nature of business models: narrative approach
Palo, T. 12/06/2015
Conference paper

Implementing key account management: intraorganizational practices and associated dilemmas
Marcos-Cuevas, J., Natti, S., Palo, T., Ryals, L.J. 10/2014 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 43, 7, p. 1216-1224. 9 p.
Journal article

Variation in the use of business models: essence, levels, and activities
Palo, T. 2014
Conference paper

Networked business model development for emerging technology-based services
Palo, T., Tahtinen, J. 07/2013 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 42, 5, p. 773-782. 10 p.
Journal article

Innovating markets by putting business models to work
Mason, K., Palo, T. 01/2012
Conference paper

Key account management in business-to-business expert organisations: an exploratory study on the implementation process
Natti, S., Palo, T. 2012 In: Service Industries Journal. 32, 11, p. 1837-1852. 16 p.
Journal article

A network perspective on business models for emerging technology-based services
Palo, T., Tahtinen, J. 2011 In: Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 26, 5, p. 377-388. 12 p.
Journal article

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