Yun Liu

PhD student

Research Interests

Risk Management

Coal overcapacity in China: Multiscale analysis and prediction
Wang, D., Wang, Y., Song, X., Liu, Y. 02/2018 In: Energy Economics. 70, p. 244-257. 14 p.
Journal article

Energy price slump and policy response in the coal-chemical industry district: a case study of Ordos with a system dynamics model
Wang, D., Ma, G., Song, X., Liu, Y. 05/2017 In: Energy Policy. 104, p. 325-339. 15 p.
Journal article

Modeling social risk amplification during recall crises
Liu, Y., Busby, J.S., Onggo, B.S.S. 23/04/2017 In: ADS '17 Proceedings of the Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium. San Diego : Society for Computer Simulation International 12 p.
Conference contribution

Comparing the vulnerability of different coal industrial symbiosis networks under economic fluctuations
Wang, D., Li, J., Wang, Y., Wang, K., Song, X., Liu, Y. 15/04/2017 In: Journal of Cleaner Production. 149, p. 636-652. 17 p.
Journal article

Assessing industrial ecosystem vulnerability in the coal mining area under economic fluctuations
Wang, D., Zheng, J., Song, X., Ma, G., Liu, Y. 20/01/2017 In: Journal of Cleaner Production. 142, 4, p. 4019-4031. 13 p.
Journal article

Agent-based computational modelling of social risk responses
Busby, J.S., Onggo, B.S.S., Liu, Y. 16/06/2016 In: European Journal of Operational Research. 251, 3, p. 1029-1042. 14 p.
Journal article

Political connection and business transformation in family firms: evidence from China
Wang, D., Ma, G., Song, X., Liu, Y. 4/06/2016 In: Journal of Family Business Strategy. 7, 2, p. 117-130. 24 p.
Journal article

Risk prediction of product-harm events using rough sets and multiple classifier fusion: an experimental study of listed companies in China
Wang, D., Zheng, J., Ma, G., Song, X., Liu, Y. 06/2016 In: Expert Systems. 33, 3, p. 254-274. 21 p.
Journal article

Using agent-based simulation to analyse the effect of broadcast and narrowcast on public perception: a case in social risk amplification
Onggo, S., Busby, J., Liu, Y. 12/2014 In: Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference. IEEE p. 322-333. 12 p.


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