Dr Amanda Bingley


Research Overview

Amanda Bingley is a Lecturer in Health Research in the Division of Health Research, Faculty of Health & Medicine. She joined the Division in September 2001.

Following a BSc (Hons) in Geography at Lancaster University (1996), her ESRC funded PhD in Cultural Geography at the University of Edinburgh (2002) explored the influence of gender identity and very early infant and childhood sensory experience on subsequent adult sensory perception of landscape.

Amanda has developed research projects with a focus on the narrative experience of health, place and well being in a range of different contexts and populations.

The Flood Suitcase
01/03/2017 → …

Migrating art: re-imagining landscapes to promote wellbeing for migrant populations
01/06/2016 → 31/07/2016

Cultures of Disaster Resilience Among Children and Young People
01/07/2015 → 30/06/2018

Ageing Playfully
01/02/2015 → 31/05/2015

Children, young people and flooding, recovery and resilience
01/09/2014 → 30/09/2016

North West Mapping Project 1
01/02/2010 → 31/05/2010

Cancer Experiences Collaborative (Narrative Theme)
01/05/2006 → 31/05/2009

What are the views of people affected by cancer and other illnesses about end of life issues? carer perspectives.
01/08/2005 → 30/09/2005

Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) six member country reports on palliative and hospice care service provision
01/02/2005 → 30/09/2005

What are the views of people affected by cancer and other illnesses about end of life issues? professional and patient perspectives.
01/08/2004 → 31/01/2005

Oral History Collection - creating a Travelling Exhibition of the publication 'A bit of heaven for the few? An oral history of the modern hospice movement in the UK' Clark, D et al 2005
01/05/2004 → 30/11/2004

Climbing Trees and Building Dens: Mental health and well-being in young adults and the long-term effects of childhood play experience
01/10/2003 → 30/04/2004

Cultivating Health and Mental Well-being Among Older People in Northern England
01/01/2002 → 01/01/2004