Professor David Allsop


Research Overview

I am interested in the pathological role of misfolded 'amyloid' proteins in a range of different human diseases, including some important neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, and also Type 2 diabetes.

My research is concerned with the devopment of peptide-based inhibitors of amyloid aggregation as a novel approach to treatment of these diseases, and on the development of new blood-based biomarkers for improved early diagnosis. I am also interested in the interaction between amyloid proteins and redox-active metal ions, and the role that this might play in tissue damage.

My research is supported by the Defying Dementia campaign (

Selected Publications

Retro-inverso peptide inhibitor nanoparticles as potent inhibitors of aggregation of the Alzheimer’s Aβ peptide
Gregori, M., Taylor, M.N., Salvati, E., Re, F., Mancini, S., Balducci, C., Forloni, G., Zambelli, V., Sesana, S., Michael, M., Michail, C., Kolosov, O.V., Tinker-Mill, C.L., Sherer, M., Harris, S., Fullwood, N.J., Masserini, M., Allsop, D. 02/2017 In: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine. 13, 2, p. 723-732. 10 p.
Journal article

Magnetite pollution nanoparticles in the human brain
Maher, B.A., Ahmed, I., Karloukovski, V.V., MacLaren, D., Foulds, P., Allsop, D., Mann, D., Torres-Jardon, R., Calderon-Garciduenas, L. 27/09/2016 In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113, 39, p. 10797-10801. 5 p.
Journal article