Dr Sandra Varey

Research Fellow, Senior Research Associate (Qualitative)

Research Overview

Since joining the Faculty of Health and Medicine in 2013, I have undertaken research related to a number of aspects of ageing, health and wellbeing, including:

· Using life course methodologies to understand the impact of physical activity interventions on people living in Pennine Lancashire (the Sport England funded Together an Active Future evaluation; 2019-2021)

· Exploring patient and family carer experiences of a 7-day enhanced specialist palliative care service (Macmillan funded; 2018-2020)

· The use of technologies to support the self-management of long-term conditions for older people (the NHS England funded Test Bed evaluation; 2016-2018)

· Improving palliative care for older prisoners (Marie Curie funded; 2015-2016)

· The benefits to older volunteers in undertaking woodland conservation work (British Academy funded; 2014)

· Social isolation and loneliness in older people (Age UK funded; 2014)

· The development of wound care technologies to support self-care for older people in the home (N8 funded; 2013-2014)

I am particularly interested in qualitative research methods and have extensive experience in the applied use of deliberative panels, ethnographic site visits, focus groups and a range of interview approaches. I have a number of years’ experience of working with adults of varying ages, both as a researcher and educator, and have a strong interest in issues of research ethics. I have worked with older adults living with a range of conditions including cancer, COPD, dementia, diabetes and heart failure, along with family carers.

To summarise, my current research interests include the following:

· The relationships between older people, family carers and healthcare professionals; and the factors that influence the dynamics and success of these relationships

· The co-management of healthcare between patients, family carers and healthcare professionals

· The use of new technologies to address health and wellbeing in older people

· Issues of wellbeing for family carers of older people

· Issues of ageing and wellbeing for older people living with long-term conditions including COPD, dementia, diabetes and heart failure