Five Campus Spots for Lancaster Students

by Alix Leonard

Hi, I’m Alix, one of the digital content ambassadors for Lancaster University. As we all know, the whole UK is on lockdown at the moment – and if you’re anything like me, you’re missing the freedom of being able to go study on our campus. Assuming that classes will soon return to normal (staying optimistic here), the first place most students will probably be heading towards is campus, in order to get all their work completed – or to catch up with familiar faces!

With the excitement of things returning to normal, when they do, however, some of the popular locations might get too overcrowded for some of us who enjoy a quieter study atmosphere. With that being said, I thought it would be helpful to share my top 5 favourite places on campus where I like to sit down for a bit of study time – and might be a bit less busy than our main “go-to’s” once the lockdown ends.

two students sitting on comfortable seats, talking

The Students' Union

When the Library is overcrowded or the Learning Zone is too loud, I used to just give up and sit outside complaining to the ducks. I recently remembered, however, that the Students’ Union is always open for everyone – and found that sinking into one of the colourful (and very comfy) beanbags is probably one of my favourite things to do on campus. On a normal day, the Union is not too busy, offering you the space you need to get some last-minute readings out of the way, sit with friends to quickly go over some flashcards, or polish off that essay due at 12.

Like the sound of that? And it’s not even the best part: they offer free tea and coffee for students, with milk and sugar options available! Definitely one of my favourite places to head to in the morning, or to wind down at the end of the day.

County Diner

With its own bar, Costa Coffee, and mini café, the County Dinner is a great place to get some work done in a relatively laid-back environment! Always filled with a range of people – you might even find a few entertaining Theatre students meeting for rehearsal discussions – the Dinner is a great way to work with a background conversational buzz. Feeling peckish? They have some great food deals, and are renowned for their full English breakfast!

A student working at a laptop in County Diner
Students working in LEC Atrium

LEC Atrium

The big room at the back of the Biology building (coming in from the Spine) is a great place to go for a refreshing, more urban-looking study experience. With lots of seating available and a huge, high-ceiling space, this is a perfect spot to work away from the crowds you might find on Alexandra Square.


Tucked away in the huge Management School building, this area is a gem for anyone who likes studying in the Learning Zone, but finds it impossible to get a seat in. Not a Management student? That’s fine – the area is always open to anyone! With a café on-site, a huge open space to work without feeling cooped up, and a great overall vibe of collaborative working, the LUMS Hub is one of students’ favourite places to meet up for a group study session. Be on the lookout for a range of Careers events happening here too.

Students sitting on red chairs in the management school building
A student working at a laptop in cafe 21

InfoLab21 - Café 21

With its own Vegetarian-Vegan café and some amazing views through the glass-panelled walls, the InfoLab21 is a gorgeous place to get some studying done away from the busy atmosphere of our campus. The trek to the edge of campus is definitely worth it – particularly during the summer term, when the sun is shining onto every floor, and the view is absolutely breath-taking! Because it is quite out of the way, not many students tend to study here, which makes it great for anyone who prefers a quiet environment to be productive.

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