Professor Mark Easterby-Smith

Emeritus Professor

Research Interests

In the field of organisational learning I have published papers in Academy of Management Executive, Personnel Review, Management Learning, Journal of Management Studies and Human Relations, and I am co-editor of the Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management. I am particularly interested in: (i) extending theories of organizational learning to incorporate the problems of power and hierarchy which are experienced in large, complex organizations, (ii) examining the relevance of ideas such as the ‘learning organisation’ in non-western countries, and (iii) investigating 'dynamic capabilities’' in organizations. Most of my doctoral supervision is in this area of organizational learning.

My work on research methodology involves trying to redefine ideas derived from the broader social sciences into the context of management research. I argue, for example, that researchers need to take special note of the political context in organisations, the problems of access, and ethical issues to do with the action orientation of most managers.

In addition to a number of papers I have published a major book on methodology, Management Research: An Introduction, which has been adopted by numerous masters and doctoral programmes as a standard text (the first Edition ran to 10 print runs, and a second edition was published in 2002).

I am currently involved in two major research projects respectively looking at knowledge and information management needs within high-technology engineering companies that are moving significantly into the provision of services as major business items (the KIM Project). Second, I am working with colleagues at Warwick Business School on understanding knowledge and learning transfer processes between Western multinationals and Chinese partners (see AIM project 1 below).

Knowledge and information management
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